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Seated Dinner

Our seated dinner events start with a welcome drink based on fresh seasonal herbs. In a multi-course menu the guests will be involved in the preparation of food. Boxes will be unscrewed, cucumbers grated, potatoes stacked. After the main course we burn dried rosemary to clear the air. Along with our dishes we serve a selection of quality wines that are paired with the menu by our sommelier.

Team Building Berlin


Adventurous Catering

The adventurous catering offers finger food on different stations. We serve creative niblets far away from a classical flying buffet. Our guests discover for example the healing powers of beet root by dipping a piece of bread and reading a message underneath. They have to pick up a hammer in order to release the carrots from a clay coat or prepare the dough for the ravioli. Depending on your event we create a concept according to your ideas and wishes.

Team Building Berlin


Food Installation

Roots in a sea of sesame, nuts from the ceiling or turnip in the patch. We tailor our food installations to your individual event.

Team Building Berlin




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